Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Put a Smile on My Face

These kids make me smile! We had a fun Easter celebration the Saturday before Easter. Coloring Easter Eggs!

Ally and Noah having fun!

Natalee and Mylee enjoying themselves! It was a fun day! After we colored eggs we had a yummy feast of Hawaiian Haystack! Then the hunt began, The grandkids were hunting for colored eggs full of Treasurers, and the Adult children, were hunting for Groceries, to fill there baskets. I decided Amber and Nate were the most Competitive team, then Laurie and Colby! It was great competition, and in the end they made a few trades with each other!

Some of the loot, they each went home with!

Colby took these Easter pictures, and what a project! Try to get 6 kids from the age of 12 to 3 weeks old to all cooperate at once! The middle four were all ready to pose, but not Dallon, the oldest, we had to beg him to pose, and as soon as the picture was taken that vest was taken off ! Then Baby Paxton, he was more intresested in having Lunch than a photo shoot! But we did get a few good photos! Thanks Colby!

Mylee 2 &1/2 and one little firecracker!

Paxton Jay so adorable! He is growing right before our eyes!

Natalee, thinks picture taking is fun! Such a cutie!

Ally the poser, just turned 9! She is adored by all !!!

A rare pose from Noah! He hates photo shoots! I love it when my Kids and Grankids come to visit. You know it is a Journey, "Over the River and through the Woods, to Grandmas house we go"! But I think it is worth it. My house is alot different than there homes, there is no Wii, no Guitar Hero, No ipods. But there is a Trampoline, a Hot Tub Pool Party, a Playhouse, a huge Barbie collection. I love to watch the creativity begin. A Dance show is usually choreographed and performed, with lots of laughing.
But when Mylee 2-1/2 is back home in the City, it makes me smile when she wakes up one morning and starts throwing clothes in her suitcase , and says, "see ya mom, I am going to GiGi's! Or when Noah 3 comes over for a mid-week visit, and as he comes walking up the stairs hollers!, " Hey GiGi, I'm home, where are you!! Yup, these kids put A Smile On My Face!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthdays and Babies

Noah turns 3! What a cute little pirate! Mylee in the background chose a snake for her face painting!

I love this picture! Paxton looks like my babies ! Now , 2 weeks old, as I was talking to him the other day he smiled the biggest grin and it wasn't gas!

Bonding with Natalee

Amber offers love and advise!

SOOO many kisses!

Mylee giving her love! We worried she would be a little jealous of Paxton, but so far she has been his buddy!

Dallon has a turn !

One EXHAUSTED new mom!

Monday, March 30, 2009

New GrandBaby Boy!

Paxton Jay sleeping so peacefully on my bed!

Proud, but tired new Mom!

Already loves his new Boppi Swing!

Precious! His hands are interlocked so perfectly!

Heaven Sent little Sweet Boy! He couldn't be more beautiful!

Our Little Prince!
Proud parents, with not much sleep!

The Binky has been a life saver!

Proud Dad!

So In Love with him, and so relieved he is here!

So Newborn, checking out his Mom!

After a long day, and a bowel movement inside his Mom, a 12 hour labor and 2 hours of pushing her hardest, the doctors finally used Forceps to practically pull him out! He had some red scratches, and a cone shaped head! But he was okay! The nest morning he was all healed up!

Lots of support, ice chips, kind words of encouragement, and some scarry minutes. These two made it through this life changing experience!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been slacking on updating my blog, but I have a good excuse! I started a back treatment therapy about 3 weeks ago, and I have had to be to appointments 3 times a week, in Salt Lake City,which will continue for another month! So no free time on my hands! As I was laying awake one night at 3 AM, in pain and so frustrated with my back and leg pain, an advertisement came on the TV talking about spinal care and how they can help herniated discs! So I called them as soon as I could the next day! I met with Doctor Hedstrom, who was so proffesional,and he reviewed my before and after MRI's and it showed that the herniated disc surgery I had one year ago had worked, BUT, right above it was another herniated disc, that was there on the first MRI, and was still there on the 2nd MRI! OK what can I say--- my surgeon is an IDIOT! I had 2 herniated discs, he onlt bothered to fix one!So the pain I have felt for the last year in a half was real! But the good news is Dr. Hedstrom, can help me and can repair my herniated disc without surgery! So my Journey to feeling better has begun! On my first visit to see the Dr. I could not stand up straight, I walked and looked like a 90 year old lady! I could not bend over, I could not sleep, I could not turn over in bed without horrible pain! I was a mess! It hurt to sneeze, or cough. I couldn't move basically! So this amazing machine above , has improved my condition sooo much. I am belted up ,like I am going bungie jumping , then hooked to the machine, which is all computerized. I lay on the machine while it works my spine. No pain only relief. It pulls my Spine and slowly adjust it back, an in the process oxygen is absorbed into the herniated disc helping it to re-absorb back into place and take pressure off of my NERVE! It is realy helping me! I am not 100% yet, but the improvement is amazing! I also wear a back brace when at home, and live on ice! I am on High Magnesium, and Fish oils, and will be starting a muscle strenghthening program soon! I am so happy that I heard that advertisement, it has given me hope, that I can feel good and become normal again!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Magna Cum Laude

We are so proud of Laurie , she graduated from Utah State University, Magna Cum Laude! I have decided she is a December Girl, ( She chose December for her wedding day also)! We woke up Saturday morning to pick-up Laurie and Colby to head over Logan Canyon in 5 inches of new snow, and a total white out! It was slippery, and slow going, but we made it in time for Laurie to Walk in the graduation procession! She has worked so hard for this minute, I didn't want her to miss it! Larie has grown into such an amazing girl! Lots of hard work! Late nights studying, the last semester, driving over Logan Canyon weekly. But, She did it! And has a job!

Colby and Laurie at the Luncheon, honoring the graduates!

Colby found Laurie at Utah State. She has been a huge blessing in his Life in so many ways!

120th Graduation Commencement for Utah State!

Magna Cum Laude! Colby does tease her because she gets such good grades, but we know he couldn't be prouder of Laurie! Congratulations! We are so glad we could share this day with you!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Magic

Amber , Nate, Natalee and Noah came with us this year in the search for the perfect christmas tree! We found it!! Nate had it all strapped in the back of the truck before I got pictures! This beautiful tree is in Ambers home, so check out her blog, I am sure she will post pictures of it soon! We had such a fun time finding trees. Jordon ,Ashlee, Max and Hudson, came along also!

And talk about cute kids! They really love each other, and they were all in search of the perfect Christmas tree of their own! And they found them! Natalee dragging her tree and Noahs to the truck!

Natalee and Max, cute cousins! They were so excited to find a tree! Max brought his Superchain saw! (It was Plastic) It didnt crush his spirits when it wouldnt cut down his tree! He just recruited his dad!

More Holiday Magic! Look how much it cost me to fill up my Expedition! I just saved $50!

I shot this a few days ago, and since then it has dropped to $133 per gallon! I dont know how long this will last, but I am loving it for the minute! And just think of the money saved, to spend on Holiday surprises! On the news last night it was quoting the lowest gas prices, it said the cheapest one they could find was in Missouri for $151 per gallon ! Ha Ha they dont know about Wyo. Maverik gas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A few decorations that give home a festive feeling! Nicole came to visit and helped me decorate this year again, I love her help!

I love Fall Tones, So we chose those colors for the tree this year!

Brie and Colby enjoying a Yummy Yogortland treat, at Town Square in Las Vegas!

Thanksgiving Dinner at Michelle and Gregs in Vegas! Dinner was so delicous, everybody helped out! Dallon wanted to tackle the Turkey Drumstick! This Picture shows how much the younger kids look up to the older ones!

And Aubrey had the same Idea! When Aubrey and Dallon get together it is a fun party, they do alot of laughing! Noah is really observing!

Mylee and the the Grensing cat, they were friends until the cat bite her!

This is the snowman we made at Super Saturday! Sorry this picture is out of Place dont know what happened!

Chillin at the Wyndam Resort in Vegas! Only GiGi can give the kids diet coke for breakfast, and only on vacation!

Nicole and Laurie, and Noah working hard at our Super Saturday! I was in charge of this event, so I recruited my kids for help!

Natalee and Ally, Coloring books for the Humanitarian project, at Super Saturday!